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Toyota & BMW Collaborate – Potential Sports Car

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Partnerships with Toyota are nothing new even when you consider the joint venture in development of the new Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. As it seems, working with Toyota is usually a good thing, which is part of the reason BMW seeks a partner in Toyota to potentially develop a new sports car.

Sources from BMW and Toyota have reported today that they have signed a memorandum that they will expand their  development and research partnership, not only for new battery technology and Diesel engines, but to delve into other things including a sports car.

Already, Toyota and Subaru have made a positively received move with Subaru and they are probably thinking why not keep the forward momentum moving. Working together on a 4-part puzzle, composed of lightweight technologies, fuel cell systems, powertrain electrification and a sports car, it could mean a match made in heaven that satisfies many different future vehicle segments.

“I get so excited thinking about the cars that will result from this relationship. I think I can say I am the one who is most looking forward to a sports car that is environment friendly and truly excites car fans around the world,” said Toyota.

The collimation of BMW and Toyota could really do a lot for future innovation in the automotive world. Just think, Toyota has been the perfect (boring) driving appliance for many years, as BMW has been a very exciting and sports- conscious brand in their accomplishments of building the ultimate driving machines.


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