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Top Gear USA Is Back Next Month

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All of us had high expectations for an American version of Top Gear, and most of us were disappointed when the series premiered in November 2010. It was different than the British series in every regard, and the chemistry between hosts Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara and Rutledge Wood was all but non-existent. A few of us stuck it out through the first season, and even gave the show a second chance in its sophomore year.

Season two was a huge improvement over season one, and some of the segments were genuinely funny (like the one on learning to drive 18-wheelers). There was an undeniable chemistry starting to show between the hosts, and the dialogue seemed much less contrived and more natural. If season one was a C-, we’d grade season two as a B-, since there was clear progress made towards entertainment value.

Now Motor Authority reports that the show is back for a third season, beginning on August 14th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. As with previous seasons, it will run on The History Channel, but those lacking cable TV should also be able to view it online. As with the second season, a total of sixteen episodes are planned, and you can bet that features like “Big Star, Small Car” and Stig-driven “Power Lap Times” will return.

What’s your take? Did you bail after season one, or did you watch season two? Are you looking forward to season three, or would you rather watch something like “Dancing With The Stars?”


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