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Cadillac’s Future Lineup Seeks US Domination, Green-Lights Range-Topping Flagship Vehicle

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Cadillac has recently expressed their goal to disrupt BMW’s and Mercedes-Benz’s grip on the US automotive luxury market. To do such a thing, Cadillac will need to introduce a new flagship vehicle to compete with the likings of the BMW 7 series and Benz S Class and at the same time keep other moving forward.

According to Automotive News, Cadillac plans to hit up the big boys with their own 7 series and S class competitor slated to be launched in 2015. Sources confirm that the new flagship vehicle will ride on GM’s rear-wheel drive Omega platform. Best news of all to come out of this story is the idea that styling will likely be influenced by the Ciel Concept, which is just what the lovely public has been craving for ever since its introduction a couple years ago.

Cadillac also plans to keep other segments forward moving. The ATS has already received praise in several reviews as a worthy BMW 3 Series competitor while a coupe and performance-injected ATS-V is on the horizon for a 2014 release. The new XTS has paved the way for Cadillac to rollout original technological advancements while hinting at what we could expect in other future Cadillac vehicles. The CTS is expected to get a redesign next year, and a newly designed Escalade will be ready to sport itself on a platform based on the company’s next generation pickup truck architecture.

A new Cadillac ELR coupe, set for introduction in late 2013, will satisfy the eco-green segment in a sports coupe flavor featuring an upgraded Chevy Volt powertrain. A facelifted SRX crossover will be introduced later this fall with a complete redesign expected for late 2014. To conclude Cadillac’s plans for US luxury domination, a new large crossover is expected to be introduced in 2015 to fill the gap between the Escalade and SRX. You could think of it as an answer to Infiniti’s hot-selling JX crossover.


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