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Infographic: Ford pits Raptor against Mars Rover for The Ultimate Off-Road Faceoff

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American ingenuity and innovation naturally has a go-anywhere approach, especially when you are talking about the most capable off-roading vehicles around. Ford has released a clever infographic of ‘The Ultimate off-road Faceoff’ featuring their most off-road capable vehicle, the new Ford SVT Raptor. On the other end of the spectrum, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Mars Rover Curiosity is pitted against the Raptor in the infographic below. Which one is the best off-road vehicle? It all depends on your locality.

In the ingenious infographic you will find interesting stats on both ‘vehicles’ with a humorous comparison in some aspects, such as the time it would take the Raptor to reach Mars. Either way, we give major kudos to Ford for conjuring up such a peculiar infographic.


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