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Top Gear’s Clarkson, Hammond and May Push Aventador, M600, MP4-12C To Limit at Nardo

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If you read our site often, then we are pretty sure that Top Gear BBC is one of your favorite shows because that’s what automotive enthusiasts like. With that said, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are no strangers to you. We all know they like to push cars to the limit and make preposterous claims that specific vehicles they “like” are the best in the business. All three hoons get strap behind the wheel of a pre-selected 200+ MPH top-speed exotic car and push it around the infamous Nardo Speed Test track. The Nardo Speed Test track is rather challenging with its continuous loop, but the unevenness in the road really puts each Top Gear sap to their wits end to see who can reach the highest speed in this Top Gear challenge.

The vehicles in the challenge are the new Lamborghini Aventador piloted by Clarkson, the Noble M600 driven by Hammond and the McLaren MP4-12C driven by May.

You may have already seen the video, if not, check it out below. Enjoy!


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