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Is This The New Ferrari F70 (Enzo Successor) Engine?

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Ferrari has already teased us with a glimpse of the Enzo successor’s carbon fiber chassis on display at the Paris Motor Show. Now, sources have dug up what appears to be a shot of the V12 engine to power what we speculate as the Ferrari F70 featuring an F1-inspired KERS system.

The photo of the engine you see here was captured from an article in the Ferrari Magazine (number 18). The V12 engine looks to get KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) to add an additional 120 horsepower for a total of around 920 horsepower from the hybrid powertrain. Weight is also speculated from many sources to be around 2,500 pounds for the new prancing horse supercar.

For now we can only continue to dream up what the Enzo successor, F70, will look like and how fast it will really be. If these rumored figures hold true, we could easily be looking at the fastest Ferrari ever produced short of Ferrari F1 race cars.

[source: Ferrari Magazine via]


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