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Next Generation (2015) Ford Mustang Visualized

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There has undoubtedly been an emergence of controversy over what Ford may do to the design of the next Mustang. A few folks have drawn there own conclusion and thus far enthusiasts have not liked much of what has been passed around as rumors for what the next Ford Mustang will become. Some say it will be ‘Fusionized’ creating a new-age breed with a lot of the current Ford Fusion inspiring its design. Other speculations have hinted around some force-feeding of 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines. Either way you have it, a lot of ‘things’ about the current Mustang are going to change by time we see it drop on the floor of an upcoming international auto show. What you see here is one of the latest renderings of what the next Ford Mustang may look like. Like it or not, this is probably a “close” representation of what is to come. What do ya think?



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