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Upcoming: Jay Leno Gets Some Time With Toyota FT-1 Concept

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Today we anticipate the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage to feature the all-new Toyota FT-1 Concept with Toyota’s Calty Design Research by the looks of the latest images on his Instagram feed. Jay Leno is sure to be an instant fan of the Toyota FT-1 as it probably remind him of the Japanese sports cars that start it all, such as the Toyota 2000GT and Supra from the brand just to name a couple.


The Toyota FT-1 has surely sparked interest in what is to come from Toyota in the form of a new sports car along with the over-all new-found inspiration in other Japanese brands to bring affordable sport to the market. We will await the Jay Leno’s Garage episode featuring the Toyota FT-1 hopefully within the next week or so. Be sure to check back for our post with the exclusive video!


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