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It’s A Model – But Awesome – Toyota 2000GT AutoArt 1/18 Scale Model

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Sifting through the internet can sometimes feel like you are falling through an endless black hole with all sorts of contradictory information gathered on the way to the bottom of a pit. Sometimes, in perusing the interwebz, you tend to run across some interesting things along the way and this time it happens to be a slight clarification of the Toyota 2000GT pictured here. You see, the Toyota 2000GT is a car that started it all in the realm of Japanese sports cars and the 2000GT is a rare gem that most automotive enthusiasts have yet to see in person. The fine example of the Toyota 2000GT you see here today is actually an AutoArt 1/18 scale model with a set of  RS-Watanabe wheels. The profile of this vehicle is stunning as is my imagination of actually being able to see a Toyota 2000GT of this stature in person. I really want to own a Toyota 2000GT one day and I think this may be my only chance with this 1/8th scaled model. Now I am off to find out who is selling these bad boys before it is too late.






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