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Hold Up, Folks: Toyota Did It Best, First – with Cars Like the 2000GT!

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It took a recent ‘Hagerty Revelations’ video with Jason Cammisa to prompt me to make the quick statement to remind folks that Toyota did what you think Kia and Hyundai are doing now, first.

We often have short term memories, and I completely understand it. Our attention spans are shorter than ever, one of the main reasons TikTok is so popular among other social networks that thrive on sharing short few-second-long video clips. If we do a little digging and reading up on our automotive history, we’ll realize how Toyota was so innovative in their initial introduction in America, on many fronts, especially the sports/touring car segment. They didn’t just have economy boxes that touted unsurpassed fuel economy and reliability, they had a futuristic sports car, the Toyota 2000GT, that changed the automotive world as we know it.

The Toyota 2000GT remains to be one of my favorite classics as I believe it revolutionized the sports car and many vehicles after followed such a trend and “movement.” Here, in the Hagerty video shared with you today, Jason Cammisa goes pretty deep into the conception and reasons behind the Toyota 2000GT and how it served as the “fastest brand-building halo ever” scoring many records and later unfound recognition. No wonder examples of Toyota 2000GTs sell for over $1M today, it’s just that special.



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