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Wald Introduces Body (Aero) Kits for the Nissan GT-R

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The new R35 Nissan GT-R has made its way into the hearts of tuners, car lovers and the general population of automotive enthusiasts. But it does not stop with just the stock version of the Nissan GT-R, it has a big aftermarket following including Wald’s precision styling on their newest body kits for the GT-R.

We recently posted images of the Andrew Bynum’s GT-R sporting a Wald body (Aero) kit and now new images have surfaced of the “complete packages” from Wald for the new Nissan GT-R. The Wald kit not only offers aggressive styling but adds additional aerodynamic functionality while being weight-conscious at the same time.

Wald International, the Japanese tuning company known for performance and styling kits for most major brand luxury cars on the market, is making its mark well-known once again with the introduction of a brand new Nissan GT-R body kits demonstrated below in the images. Enjoy!



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