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Rumor Mill: Ford Will Unleash 750 Horsepower In 2016 SVT Mustang

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Just an image rendering from Rampant Renderings of a speculated 2016 Mustang GT350 / SVT

I think it is about time for some spinning of the rumor mill and keep this horsepower war flaming from the exhausts of American Muscle cars. Today we put a spin on the rumors that the 2016 Ford Mustang SVT, GT500, or GT350, will get about 750 horsepower to triumph Dodge’s feat with the 707-horsepower Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Where in the world do we come up with this stuff? Glad you asked. Not that we trust the mainstream media. Trusting the big news networks can get us all into trouble, as you have seen before. But… CNN mentioned that a Ford rep told THEM that the next SVT Mustang will have “more horsepower than the Hellcat.” Yes, mighty strong words right there. Some of that may be some “hearsay.”


In the case of “having more horsepower than the Hellcat”, we can draw the assumption that the SVT Mustang, or whatever they will dub the high-performance production version of the Mustang, will have a tweaked version of its 5.8-liter Trinity motor that we enjoy in the form of 662 horsepower something else packing a supercharger – only it will probably get something like 750 horsepower stuffed in a relatively lightweight 3500 lb package.

As far as pricing goes, we speculate something around the $70,000 mark, probably a hair higher than what the Hellcat may go for. Only time will tell. We will be sure to update this rumor as “other” information leaks out. Its a Mustangs and Cats fight folks, who will win?


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