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Gucci Pontiac Sunfire? FTL!

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Well let’s see, there once was an Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Explorer, a Coach Edition Lexus ES300, and a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Versace Edition, which were tasteful “name-branded” cars that all came from the factory. Outside of the factory, we have “customizers” who feel the need to take it upon themselves to add a name-brand to their own ride. Some are somewhat tasteful and others are down-right ridiculous such as this “Gucci” Pontiac Sunfire shown in the images below taken from the forum. I thought that the Luis Vuitton Bentley was ridiculous but this Gucci Pontiac Sunfire takes the cake.

gucci-pontiac-sunfire gucci-pontiac-sunfire-driver gucci-pontiac-sunfire-stopped

luis-vuitton-bentley-drophead-girls luis-vuitton-bentley-drophead-close-up luis-vuitton-bentley-drophead

lamborghini-murcielago-lp640-versace-edition lamborghini-murcielago-lp640-versace-edition-interior

I want to challenge our readers to post a link in the comments below of the most ridiculous “Name-Branded” car.

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