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Ken Block Gymkhana Two The Infomercial

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Just as we promised, the Ken Block Gymkhana Two… this is “The Infomercial”. I don’t really have much else to say other than watch the video below… Words really cannot describe what you are about to see. Enjoy!

Riding on the success of the first Gymkhana Practice video that grabbed the attention of over 20 million viewers worldwide, the Gymkhana TWO video takes infomercials to the next level. Unlike other infomercials, this one sells the products with great action, cinematography, and a dramatic driving performance—and, no stereotypical cheesy informercial pitchman! Produced specifically to market Blocks first-ever Rally TeamWorks Collection, the new video is filled with great driving stunts, surprises, explosions, and a guest appearance from DC team rider, Rob Dyrdek. Filmed at the Port of Los Angeles, expect non-stop motor sport eye-candy as Block hits the all-new course in a custom tuned, high performance, and brand-new Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Visit for more photos and info on the high-performance video and Blocks complete Teamworks Collection.


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