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Ken Block Gymkhana spoof = AMAZINGLY EPIC

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Ken Block who is well known for his Gymkhana videos has a competitor for his title! This guy can really drive, its awesome. These guys are out to set that anyone can be a great driver, you don’t need a highly tuned car in order to achieve driving excellence.

With a beaten base Impreza, a few sets of tires and enough fireworks to send Patton cowering under a desk, the creators of Scumballers and Team Torque have created ten full minutes of epic hoontastic footage, although it looks like much of the vehicular tomfoolery takes place on open public roads, something we don’t exactly approve of or recommend.

I think everyone here should convince Malcolm to make a video of this nature with his M3, I am willing to be the driver for the video, we would just require some stuntmen and some video recording equipment.


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