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Downtown Jacksonville Gets Patriotic and Automotive Addicts Brings out the Z

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Last night, the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida celebrated the birthday of the Red, White and Blue by hosting a Patriotic Family Festival that spanned over four blocks in the heart of our city. As a part of the celebration, which included live music, representatives from the armed services and local fire and police departments, dinner and much more, the church hosted a classic car show.

DSC_5438DSC_5303 DSC_5443DSC_5445DSC_5338

One of the 35 vehicles in attendance was my rough around the edges but fun to drive turbocharged 1971 Datsun 240Z. And while she may not have brought home any trophies, she did develop a little fan following and I think she kind of liked the attention.


I know we don’t say it enough, but our city is full of wonderful people. I looked on as a JSO officer comforted a little boy who had been separated from his parents in the crowd. The officers compassion and caring interaction with the child were precious.


Enjoy the photos and happy birthday to the United States of America!



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