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Head2Head Video: 2016 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S vs. 2016 BMW X6M

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In the world of perpetual indulgence and living in excess, we have performance-oriented SUVs that have massive amounts of turbocharged power fed to all four wheels that will probably never see a pebble of rough terrain, let alone a race track. In America’s unrelenting hunger for having your cake and eating it too, Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes-AMG) has the new GLE63 S AMG with 577 horsepower and BMW has the new X6M with 565 horsepower, which are both brutish crossover vehicles that hardly have any of the utility you would expect in a vehicle classified as an SUV – but they both garner the performance of true sports cars.

In one of Motor Trend’s latest Head 2 Head competition videos they set out to see if the Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S or BMW X6M is the one to be had in a niche segment for those who want it all and laugh at everyone else even if their own vehicle is ugly. Check out what they have to say about either $100K-plus crossover-sports-car-utility-thingy. Enjoy!


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