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Ford Bronco Fan Site Envisions 2020 Model in Stylish Rendering

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We have seen many rumors swirling around about the upcoming 2020 Ford Bronco, which Ford hasn’t officially confirmed as of yet. While we wait patiently for word, the fan site is dreaming up a concept that they have took the time to render in the stylish images you see here. We have to say, this rendering looks like a winner and Ford should take notes.


We’d surely buy one, in white, and drive on down an L.A. freeway after killing someone. Oh, wait, nevermind. You get the point, though. Good job folks at!

2020-Ford-Bronco-B6G-2 2020-Ford-Bronco-B6G-3 2020-Ford-Bronco-B6G-7 2020-Ford-Bronco-B6G-6 2020-Ford-Bronco-B6G-5


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