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This is the New Bugatti Chiron – First Look at the next World’s Fastest Production Car: Video

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Motor Trend is giving us an exclusive first look at the new Bugatti Chiron, the successor of the Bugatti Veyron and pitted as the next World’s Fastest Production car.


The Geneva Auto Show is off to a hit with the fastest yet, the new Bugatti Chiron.




While most of us will never be able to afford such a vehicle in our lifetime at $2.6 million (500 will be produced), the new Bugatti Chiron is a modern marvel either way you slice it. If you were to slice it, you would quickly find out that the Chiron, much like its Veyron processor, is much more than a lot of horsepower stuffed into your everyday sports car. The Chiron is its own creature, one that uses its 1,500 horsepower from a W16 (16-cylinder) engine and air-slicing body structure to safely reach unbelievable speeds, claimed to be 261 mph. (other sources claim 273 mph???)


Check out the full run-down below. Enjoy!

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