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2016 Misselwood Concours D’Elegance – What a wonderful way to spend a gorgeous day!

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-words and images by guest contributor, Brent Lane

We drove down from Maine to go to the Misselwood Concours D’Elegance on a beautiful Saturday in July. I dropped off my wife and daughter near the entrance and then parked as directed on the grounds of Endicott college. The parking was a quick shuttle drive away in a lot covered by solar panels that had chargers for electric cars – though I don’t know if the owner of the 1922 Detroit Electric we saw ever took advantage of the charging station.


Once again I was reminded about the beautiful setting that the Concours is held in on the grounds of Endicott college. As we came though the gate we were greeted by many dozens of gorgeous antique autos as well as a beautiful view of the ocean. This ends up being the theme of the day. Wherever you walk around the grounds small paths covered by trees or openings in stone walls take you to different sections of the event with gorgeous cars and a different view of the rocky seacoast. The day was sunny and a bit hot – and then a breeze kicked in from the ocean and it was perfect!


My daughter loved the old ‘aaaooogggaaa’ horn from the Model T truck that was sitting next to a Hudson Hornet near the entrance. She also liked a number of the dresses in the fashion show put on by Bella Sera Bridal– I think I’m in trouble with this one! When she needed a break we took out the book, “The Little Red Racing Car” and sat in the shade by the sea to read. If you have young kids or grandkids and are into vintage autos its an excellent book to read with them.


Once again the variety of cars was astounding. From matching Gold corvettes and numerous old 50’s Jaguars to Allards, Porsches, an Arnold Bristol , AC’s, Aston Martins, and Bentleys. There was a convertible Lincoln that the first time around I didn’t even realize was a convertible . . . I blame the chrome . . . I just hadn’t seen a convertible with not only a full glass rear window but a BIG full chromed metal frame for that window. This frame was connected to a very taught top that could easily look like a hard top if you weren’t looking right at it. I also learned that back in the 20’s and 30’s you could order a Plymouth in your school colors!


If you like cars and live anywhere near Beverly Mass and Endicott College you really should go to the Misselwood Concours D’Elegance if you don’t you’ll be missing a great show with cars that you won’t see at your local car show. You will be treated to a beautiful setting, gorgeous cars and super nice people. It is an easy day trip from anywhere around Boston and easily as ‘far’ as Portland Maine, Providence or Hartford.

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