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A Ride with a Vancouver Ferrari F430 Enthusiast

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Vancouver, a city beautifully saturated with exotic cars and die-hard car enthusiasts from every background. I make it a point every year to leave my beloved state of Florida and embark on a sacred automotive pilgrimage, if you will, to Vancouver to meet up with other like minded gear heads and just maybe, if I’m fortunate enough, have the opportunity to photograph some automotive gems in the flesh. This year was no different than my trip last year except for one small difference. Well, one MAJOR difference, actually.

Let me introduce you to one remarkably beautiful Ferrari F430 that’s zipping around the streets of Vancouver:

My good friends and owners of this particular vehicle, the Grewal’s, are one of the most genuine car enthusiasts you’ll ever come across. In fact, 5 years ago they founded the largest Vancouver European automotive forum for all car enthusiasts in the Vancouver area:

After a couple hours of photography splendor with this vehicle the photo shoot was wrapping up. I began to put away my photography gear and proceeded to walk over to the owner and happily informed him that the photo shoot was finished. Well, in my mind, almost everything was finished in regards to the photo shoot except for one thing.

I remember the proceeding sheepish conversation between the owner of this beautiful car and myself going something like this: “Hey, is it at all possible, you know, maybe, if it’s not too big of a deal, if you have the time, I know you’re busy so I understand if you can’t, maybe… can I get a ride in the F430 before the night comes to an end?”

I’m glad I asked. Everyone should experience a spirited ride in a Ferrari F430 at some point in their lives. Listening to this car’s magnificent exhaust tone at wide open throttle reverberating through tunnels or off bridges is nothing short of automotive euphoria. It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip for this photographer and car enthusiast. I can’t wait to see what is in store for my trip to Vancouver next year!

All images Copyright © 2009 Chris Grosser Photography

Some specifications on the car:

Make / Model: Ferrari F430
Year: 2005
Color: Rossa Corsa
Interior: Black leather, red stitching, carbon fiber package
Transmission: 6 speed manual, no paddle shifters in this car! (This option is very rare to say the least.)
Engine: 4.3 liter V8 producing 490 horsepower and 343 pounds of torque.
Rims: 19″ front and 20″ Rear – iForged FS Rev finished in black with chrome lips with beefy 345’s in back.
Cool Facts: This car was ordered and optioned out specifically by the owner himself. It took two full years for the car to come to fruition from the spec sheet and options list up until it was built in Italy for its completion and shipped to Vancouver for final delivery.



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