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Audi Electricity Untamed – Audi To Introduce new EV at Frankfurt?

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Audi is getting “electrified” and viral with these new videos circulating the internet.

It is funny as you read the bloggersphere about Audi’s new videos and “Electricity Untamed” campaign as no one has no definite idea as to what they will be releasing that is so “Electrified” for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show on September 15, 2009. All I know is it has something to do with electricy… Obviously!

No doubt that Audi comes of with some of the most interesting ads and not to mention the previous billboard battle with BMW. Now it is all about electricity, obviously, in some of the latest ads that Audi has released. View the videos below and visit to come to your own conclusion as to what-is-going-on!

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