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Future Car Tech Debuted at CES 2020

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, the world’s largest annual technology showcase, recently gave car fanatics a glimpse of the latest technological innovations to grace the industry. As expected, the biggest car manufacturers in the world used the event to debut their latest concept cars and new futuristic in-car technology. Flying taxis, biometric technology, and emotionally-engaging AI ended up being some of the most interesting and exciting features on display.

Flying Taxis

Uber and Hyundai Motor have teamed up to present us with the S-A1, a futuristic personal air vehicle (or PAV). The vehicle is intended to be a part of Uber’s “Uber Elevate” project, which is an air taxi service set to launch in 2023. The S-A1 is a five-person vehicle cleverly designed without a middle seat to allow for easy entry and exit. It has a cruising speed of 180 mph, as well as a cruising altitude of roughly 1000-2000 feet above the ground. According to Hyundai, the S-A1 will be able to travel 60 miles in between charges and takes just five to seven minutes to recharge fully. It’ll also be given a smaller, electric-powered motor to help keep noise pollution to a minimum. In fact, Hyundai say it’ll be quieter than a combustion engine helicopter.

Safer Cars

Carmakers are continually striving to make their vehicles as safe as possible with the help of innovative technology. As such, consumers now have a wide range of cars to choose from that offer the very best in safety, quality, and dependability. For example, at CES 2020, Mercedes-Benz unveiled their Vision AVTR — complete with impressive biometrics technology designed to improve safety and prevent accidents. Instead of using a steering wheel, gears, and pedals, both drivers and passengers have to use a multifunctional, handheld control in order to interact with the car. 33 bionic flaps are also in place to communicate with nearby surrounding cars in order to prevent accidents. Biometric technology is employed to constantly monitor the driver’s breathing and pulse to make sure they stay healthy and alert while driving.

toyota lq concept car

Toyota’s LQ Concept cC

Toyota’s LQ concept car fulfills the “human need to be engaged emotionally” with the help of an artificial intelligence system called Yui (a combination of the words “you” and “I”). By employing automated-driving functions, Yui is designed to form an emotional bond between the driver and the car. According to Toyota, their LQ concept car is founded on the idea that “mobility goes beyond physical transportation to include the human need to be moved and engaged emotionally.” The LQ offers a range of innovative features including an air-conditioned seating system, blinking headlights, personal assistance, and an innovative “Digital Micromirror Device” (DMD) that cleverly projects images and symbols on the road ahead.

CES 2020 introduced car fanatics to cutting-edge automotive technology and developments occurring in the industry. Flying taxis, safer cars, and emotionally-engaging AI are just some of the exciting innovations we can look forward to seeing on the road in the future.


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