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7 Tips for Turning Heads on the Road

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If you dream of driving down the road and having other drivers notice your wheels, then you’re not alone. Pulling this off, however, takes a little work. It takes more than just buying an expensive car to impress your friends and make other people on the road envious – here are seven tips for achieving it.

  1. Look After the Paint

Looking after the paint on your car makes a huge difference to its overall appearance. To do this, you will need to wash it regularly and keep it inside a garage rather than outside. By doing this, you’ll notice less build-up of dirt and dust, which won’t cause any admiring glances on the highway!

  1. A Personalized Reg Plate

A personalized registration plate is something many people wish they had but don’t purchase. By personalizing your car with SwiftReg, you show the world that you are an individual and that your car is personal to you. You don’t just have to go with your name, either – there are plenty of options when it comes to personalization!

  1. Upgrade Your Wheels

The wheels are one of the first parts many notice about other people’s cars, so make sure yours look excellent. If your tires are a little old, consider investing in some new ones and getting cool new wheel rims while you’re at it! Even in a recent model, a new set of wheels can transform the vehicle.

  1. A Regular Polish and Wax

Keep your exterior looking shiny and new by getting a polish and wax regularly – you could even log it into your diary, so you don’t forget! The appearance will dramatically improve, and your paint will be better protected.

  1. Focus on the Interior

There is no point in putting all your work into the exterior if the interior looks messy and disorganized – you should pay equal attention to both. While most will only notice the outside of your car, that doesn’t mean the inside is invisible! Plus, you don’t want to put off your car guests with empty takeaway packets and unvacuumed seats.

Vacuum often, use an air freshener and clear out the rubbish daily. It doesn’t take much, but these little habits will transform the inside of your vehicle.

  1. Tinted Windows

Tinted windows add a layer of mystery to your vehicle. Not only does it look slick, but you also get the bonus of a little privacy. Of course, it depends on your taste, but tinted windows can really bring out a professional look in a car.

  1. Fix Scratches

A tiny scratch might be easy to ignore, but what about two or three? If you fall into the habit of ignoring signs of light damage, then your car will quickly end up looking old and used. To avoid this, make sure you fix any dents and scratches as soon as possible, no matter how minute they are. It’s the little things like these that make a car stand out against the crowd!

An Attractive looking car isn’t difficult to achieve; it just takes maintenance combined with a genuine love for your vehicle.


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