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Review: Dyson’s New V6 Car+Boat Handheld Vacuum Is A Compelling Package for Automotive Addicts

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Dyson has become a well-known household name for several different products that happen to utilized forward-thinking technology in an eccentric yet compelling package for a select number of everyday needs. Having utilized their vacuuming products for the past two years, I have come to give Dyson praise for their durability and efficiency in the line of cordless vacuums.

Taking things a step further in the innovation of cordless and portable vacuuming products, Dyson introduces their latest V6 Car+Boat handheld vacuum cleaner. While the size and weight of the new Dyson V6, just over three pounds, may require a storage separately-purchased storage bag to keep in your vehicle or boat, the handheld unit is the ideal choice for its exceptional versatility that can almost replace your home vacuum for small to medium tasks.


The recent lineup of handheld DC-series vacuums incorporate bagless tech, a 21.6-volt brushless electric motor that spins up to an unfathomable 100,000-plus rpm to create robust suction power, and an assortment of attachments. Dyson has taken the formula that has worked exceptionally well in the past few years to a new height by adding the proper attachments necessary to handle the vacuuming duties of your car and boat.

During my weekly test drive vehicles, I tend to get them quite dirty, especially SUVs and Trucks that I take off-roading and track in dirt. Use of my older generation Dyson vacuum proved to be more of a hassle in some cases in not having the proper attachments. While I could easily purchase the necessary attachments for reaching tight spots for my current handheld, those new to the spectrum of high-power handheld vacuums will naturally appreciate a complete package that includes the correct tools for the job of vacuuming cars and boats.


Testing out the latest Dyson Car+Boat Handheld vacuum it excelled in most cases. The exception was left to my test with large pieces of Styrofoam, which sent the vacuum into a temporary fault mode with the pull of the quick-action trigger. Basically, from the sensory tech found in the vacuum, it would shut its circuitry off for split seconds as a warning of the passageway being blocked to protect the motor. In full disclosure, I could have easily picked up the large foam pieces by hand, but instead, I wanted to test the vacuum’s limits. As I expected from previous experience, the Dyson V6 Car+Boat unit thoroughly cleaned sand, loose dirt, and pet hair deeply embedded in floor mats through the use of the motorized roller-brush tool.


Apart from the limitations of debris size, the Dyson V6 Car+Boat vacuum aimed to be the last vacuum I ever use for cleaning out my vehicles. Use of its spring-loaded-retractable extension hose and crevice tool were just what I needed to get the small stuff between seats. An assortment of a mini stiff bristle brush and mini soft dusting brush were more than what I needed for clearing dashboard crevices of fine crumbs. Fundamentally, the powerful suction alone was enough to pull loose debris from most areas.


Regarding battery life, the Dyson V6 Car+Boat Vacuum literally stood the test of time. At no point did I require charging the unit after use in one of my vehicles. However, after cleaning inside of a vehicle for 8 minutes on its normal speed mode, in addition to 14 minutes of consistent and hard use inside of my house using both Normal and Max speed modes (7-min each mode), the Dyson finally started flashing a blue LED ring light on the rear as in indication of a low battery. The total time was more than enough for me to complete the tasks at hand thanks to its nickel manganese cobalt Lithium-ion battery and action/power trigger only to use energy when needed. Charging for a fully depleted battery takes about three and a half hours.


As far as the justification of its price, at $239.99 for the new Dyson V6 Car+Boat, the value comes in the innovation design combined with its high-tech performance, efficiency, portability, and durability, which I have put to the test in the past with great success on similar Dyson units. Based on the same design principals, my older Dyson DC59 unit is still going strong after three years of liberal use. Fundamentally, the new Dyson V6 Car+Boat Handheld vacuum is a one-stop item that you won’t second-guess your decision as you may with other units.


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