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Top Tips for Looking After Your Car

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Your car is one of your biggest assets (usually behind your home), so looking after it should be a top priority. Looking after your car throughout the year will ensure it stays reliable. Here are some top tips you will find useful to ensure your car stays in showroom condition


It is vital to get your car regularly serviced. Whether you are driving hundreds of kms a day, or you are just doing the school run. Getting your car serviced frequently will help maintain its value, and it will also ensure that any problems can be spotted and rectified sooner rather than later. Ensure that you get your car’s logbook/owner’s manual stamped after each service so that if/when you come to sell it, you can show the new owners it has a full-service history.


To keep your car looking its best, protect it from the sun. Keep it out of the sunlight to prevent it from potentially fading. Faded cars look a mess, and they will know thousands off the value of your car. If you cannot or do not have access to a carport/area of shade that looks at investing in a UV car cover.

Check your tires

Faulty or damaged tires cause accidents, and to prevent anything happening to you, your car, or other road users, it is essential to regularly check your car tires. Always check tire pressure as well as condition.

Keep it clean

Cars that are kept clean, look and feel better to travel in. For regular cleaning, touchless laser washing is ideal since it won’t damage your car. Laserwash 360 technology is the leader in zero contact vehicle cleaning. For concise information on the most progressive technology in the industry, visit, and browse their blog for further information. The right technology takes all of the hard work out of maintaining your cars cleanliness. Also, ensure you keep the inside of your car clean as rubbish flying around the car while driving can be both a distraction and a hazard; if you struggle to keep your car free from litter and rubbish, invest in a little car bin that fits behind the driver’s seat. Alternatively, head over to to get yourself a car mat to protect your car floor from debris and wear.

Check your fluids

From wiper fluid to water fluid, the levels need to be regularly checked. If you do not feel confident in doing this, get a mechanic or car garage to check periodically. Dirty glass and mirrors when driving are an accident waiting to happen. Again, do not rely on the car telling you when it needs doing (if a newer model).

Keep it oiled

Do not underestimate how much oil a car can use, even newer cars. Get regular oil changes and keep track of when you have them done at the garage. Do not rely on your car telling you when it is due for an oil change as it could be faulty/incorrect.

Don’t put garbage in it

Not litter, but cheap gas or oil. Using cheap products (or even imitations) in your car can cause costly mistakes and void any warranties or guarantees you hold. Always use the best products you can to ensure your car looks and drives like a dream.


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