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Six Tips for Looking After Your High-Performance Car

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So you’ve got hold of your dream machine, now you need to take good care of it.

You’ve probably spent a heap of cash on this automobile—you will have chosen it both for its appearance and what’s under the hood and you don’t want any of that deteriorating any time soon.

To keep your high-performance car at the peak of its prowess, looking great, and holding its price, you need to take good care of it.

To keep it simple, here are six tips you should always follow to look after your sports car.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your vehicle and keep it performing as it was built to. Make sure you keep the oil and water levels topped up as well as checking tire pressure regularly.

Putting your car in for a service as often as the manufacturer recommends will also keep it in tip-top shape.

For the best vehicles, always use the highest-quality oil and gas available.

Wash and wax

Allowing dirt to build up on your car’s paintwork will damage it, so regular cleaning is a must.

Avoid automated car washes and instead do it by hand, or pay a professional to clean your auto for you.

Along with a good clean, your paintwork will benefit from a wax and polish, which not only makes your car gleam but actually protects the paintwork, too.

Taking care of upholstery

If you have leather seats, it’s important to spend some time on them to keep them looking like new.

Keep the leather clean and free of debris, and for tough marks and stains you can get specialist leather cleaners which will do the best job without causing damage.

You will also need to use a leather conditioner which keeps it feeling soft and stops it from drying out and cracking.

Store it under cover

To protect your car from the elements when it’s not in use you should keep it under cover. If you don’t have a garage at home, consider paying for storage, particularly if your sports car is not used for long periods—for example, if it only comes out during the summer months. StorageArea offers advice on storage units for your car on their website.

Space when parking

To reduce the risk of damaging your sports car while it’s parked up, look for wider parking spots and don’t leave it too close to other vehicles.

You don’t want to return to your car to find someone has rubbed against it and scratched the paint, or opened a door and left a dent in the bodywork.

No food policy

The easiest way to avoid making a mess of your car’s interior is to avoid eating or drinking in it. It’s pretty obvious, but it’s also worth mentioning not to drive your car with muddy footwear either.

Take care of your car and it will not only repay you with many pleasurable driving hours, it also means that when the time comes to part with your pride and joy, you will get the best price for it too.


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