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Reasons to Use Car Shampoo for Car Detailing

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There are various car detailing shampoos in the market, each serving a different purpose, including general wash shampoo, wash and wax, and strip. Regardless of the car shampoo you use, it’s essential to consider its lubricity, amount of foam, and whether it’s biodegradable and PH balanced. To avoid compromising your vehicle’s paint and exterior, focus on the shampoos’ components and acidity level. Here’s why you should use car shampoo for detailing:

1.   Paintwork protection

A vehicle shampoo with neutral PH and no abrasives is an excellent choice when protecting bare paint. They usually contain polymers, waxes, or both, serving as lubricants to avoid deep scratches, maintain the natural wax, and synthetic fiber. Shampoo that contains silicone can lubricate your paintwork. Its glazing effect adds a thin protective layer to the wax and buffs your car’s appearance.

2.   It’s more effective

Compared to homemade soaps and detergents, car shampoos are paint safe; they remove dirt and soils rather than striping the surface and protect vinyl and PPF from UVs. Car shampoo has aerated, quality foam and is specially meant to treat synthetic sealants and natural waxes. Some of the ingredients that make it effective and worthy include sodium chloride, sodium lauryl chloride, coco diethanolamine, distilled water, and isopropyl alcohol. Don’t use shampoos with excess phosphate levels, as they can destroy your clear coat.

3.   It’s versatile and can enhance sealant and wax

While some shampoos are meant for specific tasks, others are multipurpose. Depending on the composition, shampoos can help you with various functions, including water spot protection, maintenance, and cleaning. Preparation and wax removal shampoos remove wax and stains embedded on your car’s surface. Wheel cleaning and anti-iron shampoos decontaminate your car’s surface.

Foaming shampoo creates an effective cleaning coat and protects your paint, while ceramic shampoos preserve your vehicle’s coating. Additionally, using 2 in 1 wash and wax shampoos protects and enhances your vehicle’s appearance. Thanks to their carnauba properties and neutral PH, they result in extra protection and gloss.

4.   It adds shine

Car shampoos are perfect for adding shine to your vehicle and bringing it back to its gloss without negatively impacting the car. They remove stubborn marks and stains from your vehicle, giving back its luster. Since different shampoos have various purposes, choosing the right shampoo will give you the desired shine.

5.   Results are guaranteed

Car shampoos are specially formulated for cleaning cars, so you can trust that most of them will deliver the expected results while protecting your vehicle. You don’t have to worry about your vehicle’s paint dulling or chipping away. However, before settling for a specific shampoo, read the label to determine if the listed chemicals are safe for your vehicle and deliver the anticipated outcome. Branded shampoos are more likely to guarantee the retaining of your car paint.

6.   It contains special additives

Different shampoos vary in purpose and composition, including solutions that offer extra shine and others that prevent water spot formation. These car detailing post effects are achieved because of the special additives in the solutions. There are different surfactants that shampoo manufacturers use to make effective cleaning shampoos, depending on the purpose. The shampoos may also include cosmetic additives like fragrant chemicals and colorants.

Car shampoos are more effective and protective than dishwashing soaps. Consider using a car shampoo the next time you detail your vehicle to experience the difference.


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