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8 Cool Features of The Audi A8

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The Audi A8 can be touted as the most luxurious sedan, a rival of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The automobile has a spacious interior, and its features justify its price that just starts with six figures. The A8 has a significant increase in size compared to the preceding A4 and A6 models. The A8 is all about convenience and luxury, which is why it was so well-received by the audience. 

Some of its features closely resemble the S-class and even the BMW 7-series, which is why it is a great alternative to these luxury cars. If you’re confused about which automobile you should get, we will list 8 of the coolest features of the Audi A8. 

Handwriting Recognition

While this feature is more of a novelty rather than a necessity, it’s still fairly interesting. The handwriting feature was previously a little flawed in that it confuses 5 and S, but that problem seems to have been solved in the 2019 Audi A8. The Audi A8 features two in-dash touchscreens. The lower touchscreen is 8.6 inches, and mainly, it is a climate-control interface. However, it can also be used for writing letters and numbers. It provides an experience similar to writing on an iPad. 

Completely Electric Door Handles

Electric door handles may seem like a publicity stunt at first glance, but they do much more than that. Electric door handles in the Audi A8 provide a tactile experience to users of this luxury car. Both inner and outer door handles are electric, so they would open with the lightest touch. Not only does this incredibly cool feature make door opening easier-no yanking or pulling, it also activates a safety feature in this car that we’ll talk about shortly.   

All-Wheel Steering

The Audi A8 welcomes the dynamic all-wheel steering that drivers will enjoy thoroughly. While you may not be particularly excited by rear-wheel steering, which has been done and dusted, the Audi A8 makes this feature even better. The Audi A8 allows its rear wheels to pivot around 5 degrees in opposing directions, which is more than what rival cars can do. This means that the A8 is able to manoeuvre tight courses as well, which some users might really enjoy. It allows you to fit into tight parking spots without any hassle.

Exit Warning Indicators 

The Audi A8 strives to maximize safety. To do that, it has blind-spot sensors that can see if an object is coming up behind you. You may not notice this, but the A8 will. It will then prevent you from opening the door and possibly ramming into an approaching car or person, saving you from serious trouble. While exit warning indicators were present in a preceding model too, but the A8 takes it to another level. These indicators are present on all 4 doors, heightening safety.  

Advanced Laser Headlights

The 2019 Audi A8 has ushered a new take on lighting, and users love it! The car is fitted with LED matrix headlights that add a stylistic feature to the model on top of serving real use. The 138 LEDs can be switched on and off individually. This could also double up as a safety feature as the advanced LED lights will illuminate your path as you approach a sharp turn. To put it in perspective, the laser is able to light up to double the distance that you are able to see!

3D Camera View

While cameras, and specifically 360-degree camera views, aren’t anything new, the Audi A8 brings in additional specs that you might really enjoy. To begin with, you can now get a 3D view of your car and be able to see the surroundings thanks to multiple camera fittings. You can even pinch and zoom in to see any side of the car. 

Charging and Signal Boost

The Audi A8 allows you the option of wireless charging! All you have to do is slip your phone into the small pocket in the car’s centre to charge it. That’s not all. You can also boost the signal your phone is getting, thanks to the antenna that is mounted on the car’s roof. 

Active Suspension

The Audi 8 has an active suspension mechanism to lessen the blow of a side impact. It does this by boosting the active suspension on one side of the car by 3.1 inches. This way, it prevents a potentially destructive, impending side collision. 

Final Word

The Audi A8 has incredible features that make it a must-have car. These 8 cool features not only add to its design and style but also increase the safety and convenience this car provides to users. With all these perks, the Audi A8 is right up there to give tough competition to its opponents.


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