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Abu Dhabi’s Nissan GT-R Police Car

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Could you only imagine having a job driving a new Nissan GT-R as fast as you want on public streets? Not to mention with this job you can pull over whoever you want and chase down whomever. This is what the Abu Dhabi Police force has to offer for some very lucky officer, a new Nissan GT-R to drive around in and fight crime.

Its no doubt that you will find some of the most amazing AND bizzar looking vehicles in Abu Dhani and the new Nissan GT-R Police car did not fall far from that very tree. The paint scheme is very nicely done with a set of bright LED police lights mounted on the roof. Sure the statement “you can’t outrun the radio” holds true but you would be hard pressed to find something that can outrun this Police car.

[source: nationalpost]

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