Tesla V4 Superchargers to Support 350 kW Charging Speeds

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It looks to be confirmed that Tesla’s newer V4 Superchargers will support charging speeds of up to 350 kW. The information regarding this upgrade was discovered in a planning and design filing for 16 ‘ultra-rapid V4 superchargers (350kW) in Swindon, UK, published on Reddit by user u/RealPokePOP. Although Tesla has yet to release official specifications for the V4 chargers, document looks legitimate.

This development marks a significant improvement over the current V3 Superchargers, which can only handle speeds up to 324 kW. The upgrade to 350 kW is seen as a necessary step to accommodate the fastest-charging EVs. While other electric vehicle charging networks have already rolled out 350 kW chargers, Tesla had not done so until now, likely due to the absence of any models in its lineup capable of charging at such high speeds.

Tesla has been steadily deploying V4 Superchargers across Europe, accompanied by various updates, such as offering multiple payment methods. The timing of the V4 Supercharger rollout is particularly opportune, considering Tesla’s plans to open up to other brands and the imminent launch of vehicles like the Cybertruck, which is said to have 1,000-volt architecture.

The design of the new V4 Superchargers is simplified, and they are equipped with longer charge cables to enhance versatility. These chargers are designed to accommodate vehicles of all types, which could include features similar to the Magic Dock, a concept that has been observed on V3 chargers until other automakers transition from the Combined Charging System (CCS) to the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

Rumors have circulated that V4 Superchargers built in Europe are capable of producing up to 600 kW with 1000V and 615A, but these claims lack substantiation, given that no current EVs can charge at such high rates.

Despite the competition, Tesla’s charging network remains unmatched in terms of scale and reliability in the United States. Its user-friendly interface and high customer satisfaction ratings make it an appealing proposition for other automakers that may be hesitant to invest in building their own charging infrastructure.

However, other automakers are starting to collaborate in response to Tesla’s dominance. Seven major automakers have recently formed an alliance with plans to build 30,000 new chargers across the US starting in 2024. These chargers will be accessible to all EVs and promise a “best-in-class” experience, complete with amenities like food and retail. The consortium also aims to power the entire network using renewable energy to alleviate stress on the power grid.

With the introduction of the new V4 Superchargers, Tesla’s position seems more secure than ever. However, the landscape could change as other players enter the market, but for now, Tesla’s charging network is the best around, ‘leading the charge.’


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