Mercedes-AMG Could Bring Back V8 Engine for C63 and E63

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Car and Driver recently shared some intriguing insights on upcoming changes in the automotive world revolving around the V8 engine and it’s possible return for upcoming Mercedes-AMG vehicles in a couple of years. The rumor revolves around AMG’s possible return to V8 powertrains for the AMG C 63 and AMG E 63 models by 2026, which would put a huge smile on the face of many enthusiast who are balking at the idea of performance EVs taking the place of their beloved AMG vehicles.

The recent C 63 S model had undergone significant changes, moving from a V8 drivetrain to a plug-in hybrid four-cylinder setup. However, some enthusiasts expressed a preference for the V8 engine despite the power gains in the hybrid version. Similarly, the upcoming AMG E 63 will feature a plug-in hybrid inline-six drivetrain.

The competition between AMG and BMW’s performance models is a matter of passion rather than pure engineering for buyers. Enthusiasts expect the distinctive V8 power and rumbling exhaust note, making AMG work on making the 4.0-liter M177 twin-turbo V8 compliant with Euro 7 emissions standards. Having the V8 AMGs is a way of bringing the heat to competitors like BMW to continue the historical battle of the German performance vehicles.

Despite the power and performance differences on the spec sheet, AMG buyers cherish the V8’s character, which no four- or six-cylinder hybrid can replicate. The report suggests that Mercedes engineers are working to fit the V8 engine back into the AMG C and E models with minimal bodywork changes to meet Euro 7 emissions regulations, which could mean these V8 beasts could reach American shores for one last ride.

Source: Car and Driver


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