Rumor Mill Letdown: Mercedes V8 Engine Won’t Return for AMG C63 and E63

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The recent excitement over a potential return of the Mercedes V8 engine for the AMG C63 and E63 has been met with disappointment, as a new report contradicts the earlier claims that we published last week. Car and Driver had previously suggested that Mercedes was planning to reintroduce the V8 engine for these models by 2026, sparking anticipation among enthusiasts. However, attempts to glean information from Mercedes directly were in vain, as the company chose to remain silent about its future product plans.

The updated information comes from a report by Auto Motor and Sport, which cites an insider within the company’s product development team. According to this source, the V8 engine will not be making a comeback in the C63 and E63 models, discrediting the earlier report as “pure nonsense.” Instead, it seems that both the flagship C-Class and the range-topping E-Class will follow the trend towards downsizing and electrification. The C-Class is poised to retain its plug-in hybrid four-cylinder configuration, while the fate of the E-Class remains uncertain, with the possibility of an inline-six or even a four-cylinder engine.

Enthusiasts may find it disappointing that the V8 engine, which has been a hallmark of performance for these models, is unlikely to return. However, the challenges presented by stringent emissions regulations within the European Union are reshaping the automotive landscape. Emissions standards, such as the impending Euro 7 standard set to take effect in 2025, are making it increasingly difficult for manufacturers to offer cars with large-displacement engines. The resulting difficulty in meeting these regulations is a significant factor behind the decision to downsize engines and integrate hybrid technology.

Moreover, the imposition of steep taxes on high-performance vehicles is further dampening the appeal of large combustion engines. While it might have been preferable for brands like AMG, BMW M, and Audi Sport to continue utilizing six- and eight-cylinder engines without relying on electrification and downsizing, the reality of stricter legislation has forced their hand.

Critics have voiced concerns about the move away from traditional engines and towards hybridization, but this transition appears to be a necessary step in preserving the future of performance cars. Although the prospect of a four-cylinder AMG C63 might be met with skepticism, it remains a better alternative to the absence of such models altogether. BMW M has already confirmed plans for electrification across its next-generation lineup, and Audi Sport is facing a similar trajectory, with the eventual phasing out of pure gasoline RS models.

Sources: Motor1 via Auto Motor Sport


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