Bugatti Chiron Golden Era Pushes Bespoke Envelope with Hand-Drawn Sketched Paintwork

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Bugatti, renowned for its opulent and speed-record-breaking supercars, has taken the art of customization to new heights with the awe-inspiring Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era. This remarkable masterpiece stands as a testament to the brand’s Sur Mesure program, which entices buyers with promises of nearly boundless customization possibilities. However, it is a particular patron who has turned this promise into reality with a vehicle that exemplifies automotive artistry.

Crafted over a meticulous two-year period, the Chiron Super Sport Golden Era is not just a car; it’s a canvas of history and innovation. The visionary behind this creation, an enigmatic Bugatti collector who holds a profound reverence for the automaker’s century-long legacy, ventured beyond the ordinary bounds of customization. With an astonishing 400 hours dedicated to the artistic endeavor alone, the car showcases a symphony of hand-drawn sketches adorning its flanks.

A feat of artistry that pushes the envelope, this unique Bugatti is adorned with intricate sketches hand-drawn directly onto its bodywork using specialized pens. This method was pursued relentlessly by Bugatti’s design team, driven by the pursuit of authenticity that defines the brand. Achim Anscheidt, the former Bugatti Design Director at the helm of this extraordinary project, emphasized that utilizing the same pens employed for sketching on paper was essential to maintain a genuine appearance, upholding Bugatti’s commitment to authenticity.

The vehicle’s passenger side is adorned with 26 distinctive drawings, featuring icons like the legendary Type 41 Royale and the iconic Type 57 SC Atlantic. On the driver’s side, 19 sketches elegantly chronicle Bugatti’s evolution from 1987 onwards, encompassing modern marvels such as the EB110, Veyron, and Chiron, as well as paying homage to the emblematic W16 engine.

The very essence of this automotive masterpiece is embodied by its two-tone gradient paint scheme. Nocturne Black gracefully transitions into an exclusive Dore gold hue, a shade exclusively tailored for this automotive gem. This remarkable canvas of automotive artistry extends into the cabin, where each door panel is meticulously hand-painted with symbols representing Bugatti’s iconic models, both old and new. Subtle Golden Era stitching and a hand-written “One-of-One” insignia further underscore the exclusivity of this unparalleled creation.

While the price tag remains unspoken, it is irrelevant in the face of the uniqueness that this Chiron Super Sport embodies. A true masterpiece, it is destined never to be replicated. Although concrete figures are absent, considering the historical pricing of other bespoke Bugatti vehicles, it wouldn’t be surprising for this exemplar to command a price in the multi-million range. As part of the Monterey Car Week, this extraordinary vehicle will be showcased before finding its permanent residence in the garage of a fortunate and affluent collector, becoming a timeless testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that defines Bugatti.


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