Study Reveals States with the Highest Rate of Speeding Related Fatal Crashes

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In the fast-paced world of American highways, the need for speed often takes center stage. But a recent study conducted by Heninger Garrison Davis, a firm specializing in business litigation and personal injury cases, has shone a glaring spotlight on the darker side of this need for speed. According to their analysis of the most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), some states are paying a heavy price for speeding-related incidents on their roads.

Wyoming Leads the Pack

The findings from Heninger Garrison Davis reveal that Wyoming, often praised for its rugged beauty and expansive landscapes, now claims an unfortunate distinction – it has the highest rate of fatal crashes where speed played a contributing role. An astonishing 28.43% of all fatal crashes in Wyoming involve excessive speed, placing the state at the top of this sobering list. This means that out of 102 recorded fatal crashes in the state, 29 were directly attributed to drivers traveling at inappropriate speeds. Even more alarming is that this rate is a staggering 63.84% higher than the national average, which stands at 17.35%.

Utah and Virginia: Close Behind

Wyoming is not alone in its struggles with speed-related accidents. Utah and Virginia take the second and third spots on this disconcerting ranking. Utah records 26.62% of all fatal crashes involving speed as a contributing factor, while Virginia follows closely behind with 26.49%. In Utah, this means that 78 out of 293 fatal crashes involved drivers traveling at incorrect speeds, a rate 53.41% above the national average. Similarly, Virginia saw 240 out of 906 fatal crashes attributed to speed, marking a rate 52.65% higher than the national average.

Missouri, Connecticut, and Beyond

The study didn’t stop at the top three states. It also revealed that Missouri, Connecticut, and Colorado were not far behind. In Missouri, 25.99% of fatal crashes, or 242 out of 931, were linked to speed, ranking the state fourth in the nation for speed-related fatal crashes. Missouri’s rate is nearly 50% above the national average. Connecticut comes in fifth, with 24.38% of its fatal crashes, or 69 out of 283, tied to speed, a rate 40.5% higher than the national average. Colorado is next, with 23.82% of its fatal crashes attributed to speed.

The Widespread Issue of Speeding

While these states lead the unfortunate list, it’s important to note that speeding-related fatal crashes are a nationwide concern. Colorado, Florida, Delaware, Mississippi, and Texas all recorded rates significantly above the national average, underscoring the need for a broader focus on speed-related issues across the United States.

A Call for Caution

A spokesperson for Heninger Garrison Davis emphasized the importance of responsible driving and the need to heed speed limits and road conditions, stating, “The faster you travel, the less time you have to react to developing situations on the road, making a collision much more likely. Traveling at a higher speed also makes it significantly harder to stop or maneuver around a collision ahead of you. Ensuring that you leave an appropriate amount of space in front and to the sides of your vehicle should allow ample time to react to developing situations around you and minimize the risk of being involved in a serious accident.”


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