Tesla Cybertruck Makes Appearance in Matte Black Vinyl Wrap, Could be Factory Option

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A Tesla Cybertruck sporting a matte black finish recently made an unexpected appearance at a Teslas & Coffee event held in Santa Monica, California. This appearance marked a departure from the typical prototype sightings, which have all featured the Cybertruck’s signature stainless steel exterior. The first images of this matte black variant surfaced on social media, with the car community buzzing about the possibility of Tesla offering this color scheme as a factory option. The vehicle, intriguingly, was reportedly driven by Tesla’s head designer, Franz von Holzhausen, adding to the speculation that this sleek matte black could soon be an official choice for buyers.

This modified Cybertruck exhibited a completely blacked-out appearance, save for the LED daytime running lamp strip. Its wheels and taillights were also coated in black, creating a distinctive and stealthy aesthetic. While the exact method used to achieve this matte black look remains unconfirmed, many enthusiasts are leaning towards the likelihood of a vinyl wrap application, given recent developments within Tesla.

Notably, Tesla recently introduced factory wrap options for their Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, offering a range of seven different finishes, including a plain black wrap. One of these options, known as “Satin Ceramic Black” on the Model 3, comes with a hefty price tag of $7,500. If Tesla were to extend these factory wrap options to the larger Cybertruck, it could potentially be a substantial investment. However, the appeal of having various color choices, especially for a vehicle as distinctive as the Cybertruck, is likely to resonate with potential buyers. Wrapping is also a more straightforward process compared to developing specialized painting techniques for automotive-grade stainless steel, making it a more practical option for customization.

As of now, Tesla has not officially confirmed whether the matte black color seen on this Cybertruck is a wrap or paint option that will be available for the production version. More details about the Cybertruck are anticipated to be unveiled as the production model’s release date approaches. Speculation suggests that the Cybertruck may begin production by the end of this month, but specific details remain scarce.

In addition to the matte black variant, there has been speculation about a “Beast mode” mentioned by Elon Musk, which could potentially offer a high-performance mode comparable to Ludicrous or even Plaid mode found in the tri-motor Cybertruck. However, the nature of this mode and its inclusion in the production version remain shrouded in mystery, leaving enthusiasts eager to learn more about Tesla’s upcoming electric truck. Though, it looks like the Cybertruck will have a degree of being bulletproof as explained by Elon in a recent podcast.


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