Tesla Cybertruck Fully Revealed with up to 845 Horsepower, 340-mile Range, 0-60 MPH in 2.6 Seconds, $60,990 Starting Price

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On a memorable day in 2019, Tesla unleashed the Cybertruck, a groundbreaking geometric marvel that stirred both excitement and skepticism. What began as a concept with promises of impressive range, stellar performance, and an affordable price has now materialized into a production reality. The question on everyone’s mind is whether the Cybertruck has managed to uphold its lofty pre-pandemic pledges.

Fresh from its debut at Tesla’s Austin, Texas facility, the Cybertruck boasts remarkable specifications, especially in its top-tier “Cyberbeast” trim, featuring an optional tri-motor powertrain pushing out an impressive 845 horsepower. For those opting for a slightly tamer ride, the dual-motor variant still commands attention with its 600 horsepower. Unfortunately, details about the single-motor Cybertruck, slated for release in 2025, are still shrouded in mystery.

During the debut event, Elon Musk spilled the beans on the Cybertruck’s weight, tipping the scales at 6,800 pounds. The Cyberbeast claims an astounding 0-60 mph time of 2.6 seconds and a quarter-mile time of less than 11 seconds, thanks to its robust 845 horsepower. The dual-motor version, while slightly less powerful, impressively hits 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. The power ratings for the single-motor variant remain undisclosed, but Tesla’s website hints at a respectable 6.5-second 0-60 mph time.

To prove the capability and speed of the new Cybertruck, Tesla ran a new Porsche 911 down a drag strip, while towing a Porsche 911. Yeah, that’s what electric power will do for ya.

When it comes to range, the dual-motor Cybertruck takes the lead with an estimated 340 miles, closely followed by the Cyberbeast at 320 miles, despite its power advantage. The single-motor model is expected to cover approximately 250 miles on a full charge.

As deliveries kick off, pricing details have emerged. The base single-motor Cybertruck, set to roll out in 2025, starts at $60,990. The dual-motor all-wheel-drive variant commands a higher price point, beginning at $79,990. Unsurprisingly, the top-tier Cyberbeast carries the heftiest price tag at $99,990.

Reflecting on the Cybertruck’s evolution from 2019, Elon Musk’s initial promises included single, dual, and tri-motor formats, with power outputs remaining undisclosed. The 2019 concept hinted at an 800-horsepower Plaid trim, projecting a 2.9-second 0-60 mph time and a quarter-mile time of 10.8 seconds. Range estimates ranged from 250 miles for the base trim to an impressive 500 miles for the long-range version.

However, the years that followed, marked by the global upheavals of the COVID-19 pandemic and various uncertainties, have reshaped the Cybertruck’s trajectory. Musk’s initial pricing commitments of $39,900 for the base model and $69,900 for the tri-motor variant have undergone revisions in light of the challenges faced.

The recent event celebrated the initial ten deliveries, all exclusively to Tesla employees. With production anticipated to accelerate in the coming year, there remain uncertainties about meeting the reported two million reservations for this futuristic pickup. As the months unfold, more details are expected to emerge, shedding light on the Cybertruck’s real-world performance, its reception among consumers, and its role in reshaping the landscape of electric vehicles.


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