Ford CEO Jim Farley Claims Popular Video of Stuck Tesla Cybertruck is not an Ad

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Ford CEO Jim Farley recently addressed a viral video featuring a Ford truck towing a Tesla Cybertruck, emphasizing that the footage was not intended as an advertisement for the company. In a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, Farley clarified, “Just to be clear… this is a Super Duty and NOT advertising. Glad a @Ford owner was there to help.” The video, initially shared on Instagram by user @mchambers_22, depicts the Cybertruck seemingly stuck in a snow-covered field while being towed by a Ford truck.

According to Chambers, the Cybertruck driver identified themselves as a Tesla engineer, and the video indicates the vehicle is likely a prototype undergoing testing, as it still bears the RC (release candidate) inscription on its driver-side door. However, the driver’s identity could not be independently verified, and Tesla did not respond to requests for comment.

Chambers highlighted potential factors contributing to the Cybertruck’s predicament, mentioning the absence of locking differentials—essential for traction in challenging terrain—due to software issues. He also noted that the tires had not been deflated (“aired down”) to enhance traction.

Farley’s response to the situation was measured, stating on X, “If you spend enough time on trails, it happens to everyone at some point.” Notably, this isn’t the first time the Cybertruck has been compared to a Ford truck. In a previous video posted by Farley, an F-150 Lightning successfully navigated a challenging off-roading trail where the Cybertruck had faced difficulties just weeks earlier.

There’s also a video circulating of a Ford F-250 towing a Cybertruck out of heavy snow where the Tesla could not make it up a slight incline.

Farley has consistently downplayed the Cybertruck’s competition with Ford’s offerings. Earlier in the year, he labeled Elon Musk’s creation as a truck for “Silicon Valley people,” asserting that Ford produces trucks for “real people who do real work.” Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning, released in 2022, represents the automaker’s first fully electric pickup, while Tesla recently delivered its initial batch of Cybertrucks, with production ramping up gradually.

As the automotive industry witnesses the intersection of electric and traditional vehicles, incidents like the one captured in the viral video serve as fodder for ongoing discussions about the capabilities and practicality of electric trucks in various scenarios.

Source: Business Insider


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