Fisker Delivered 4,700 EVs in 2023 as Shares Rise

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In 2023 Fisker reported a surge in its electric vehicle deliveries during the final quarter, marking a four-fold increase and reaching a total of about 4,700 vehicles for the year. The substantial growth in quarterly sales was attributed to robust demand for the Fisker Ocean SUV, a model priced at approximately $69,000. Fisker initiated its first deliveries to U.S. customers in June of that year.

The company’s upcoming plan, set to be unveiled in January, aims to enhance sales and delivery strategies to align production capacity with the high demand for the Fisker Ocean SUV. This indicates a proactive approach by Fisker to capitalize on the increasing interest in electric vehicles, particularly its popular SUV model.

Despite the positive developments in vehicle deliveries and market performance, Fisker’s shares, listed under FSR.N, have experienced a tumultuous year. While they witnessed a notable uptick of more than 10% in premarket trading following the delivery announcement, the shares had suffered a decline of approximately 79% over the course of the year.

Fisker’s manufacturing operations involve a partnership with Magna International’s Austrian unit (MG.TO) for car production. In 2023, the company successfully manufactured 10,142 vehicles. However, Fisker faced challenges in meeting its initial annual production forecasts, necessitating two reductions in the past two months. These adjustments were made as the company slowed down production to address working capital needs.

The broader context of the electric vehicle industry suggests that smaller EV firms are grappling with financial challenges, including dwindling cash reserves. These financial pressures are exacerbated by the high costs associated with production ramp-ups and strategic price cuts implemented to stimulate demand. As Fisker navigates these challenges, its focus on addressing production dynamics and responding to market demand signals its commitment to adapting in the evolving landscape of the electric vehicle sector.


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