Ford Recalling 112,000 F-150 Trucks Over Axle Hub Bolt Issue

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Ford is issuing a recall for 112,965 units of its F-150 trucks due to a potential safety issue with the rear axle hub bolts, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The concern revolves around the possibility of the rear axle hub bolts breaking, which could have serious consequences.

The affected vehicles are those equipped with the Trailer Tow Max Duty package, and Ford is urging owners to contact their dealerships to determine if their trucks exhibit the newly identified safety defect. The recall is in response to the discovery that the rear axle hub in these trucks may break, posing a risk of the vehicle rolling away when in park without the parking brake applied or experiencing a loss of drive power, both of which could lead to an increased risk of a crash, according to the NHTSA.

The specific F-150 vehicles impacted by the recall have the special tow package and a 9.75-inch heavy-duty axle with a 3/4 float axle design. The affected model years include 54,509 vehicles from 2021, 47,886 from 2022, and 10,570 from 2023.

As of now, there is no available fix for the issue. Ford has informed regulators that a remedy is currently under development, and in the meantime, owners may contact dealerships for an “interim repair.” Ford advises owners to seek interim repairs if they notice symptoms related to rear axle bolt breakage, such as clicking or rattling noises.

Ford is set to notify owners of the issue via letters on January 29. The company submitted its recall notification to safety regulators on December 22, stating that there have been no reported accidents or injuries related to this particular situation.

The Ford Critical Concern Review Group explained in safety documents that after the rear axle bolt fractures, spline fretting can occur over time due to micro-movements between the hub splines and the axle splines, with corrosion playing a significant factor. While early reports were focused on bolt breakage, Ford clarified that spline fretting is an issue that develops over time with corrosion.

As of December 2, Ford received 376 warranty reports related to rear axle bolt breakage and stripped hub splines, resulting in a loss of motive power and/or loss of park. These reports were received from January 8, 2022, through November 27. On December 15, Ford’s Field Review Committee reviewed the concern and approved a field action to address the issue.


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