Rimac Paving Way for Future Automotive Propulsion Alternative with Nanotube-Powered Drivetrain

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Rimac, the Croatia-based automotive company, initially gained recognition for its groundbreaking electric hypercars like the Nevera. However, demonstrating its commitment to innovation, the brand is venturing into alternative powertrains beyond traditional electric propulsion. In an interview with British magazine Autocar, Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac, disclosed the company’s exploration of nanotube technology as a potential drivetrain solution.

The essence of this experimental technology lies in generating electricity by heating “chemically different” liquid fuels, such as diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, and hydrogen, using nanotubes. Early tests indicate an impressive 80% operating efficiency, showcasing the promising potential of this novel approach. Collaborating with an as-yet-undisclosed startup, Rimac is in the early stages of development, leaving the prospect of a nanotube-powered car reaching production uncertain.

One intriguing aspect of this technology is its potential application in sports cars, where the system could replace conventional battery packs, significantly reducing the overall weight of the vehicle. However, Rimac acknowledges a trade-off, as the nanotube-powered system would emit CO2, albeit less than traditional internal-combustion engines. This potential drawback raises questions about compliance with stringent zero-emissions regulations.

While Rimac remains dedicated to electric innovation, the company is simultaneously exploring non-electric ventures. Notably, in June 2021, Rimac acquired a controlling stake in Bugatti, leading to collaborative efforts between the two companies on a hypercar to succeed the Chiron. Contrary to expectations, this upcoming hypercar will not be electric. Mate Rimac revealed that the company is developing a “heavily electrified” car with a hybrid system, designed from scratch and promising to be “totally bonkers.”

In a bold statement, Mate Rimac emphasized that Rimac is not exclusively committed to electric propulsion; rather, the company is driven by what is deemed most exciting at any given time. This adaptive and dynamic approach positions Rimac as a pioneer willing to explore diverse automotive technologies, paving the way for potential breakthroughs in the future of automotive propulsion.


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