Volkswagen Celebrates 75 Years of Selling Vehicles in The United States

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Volkswagen is celebrating a milestone – 75 years of selling vehicles in the United States. The journey began in 1949 when two Volkswagen Beetles were imported, marking the start of U.S. sales for the globally recognized classic and the foundation of one of America’s most well-known automotive brands.

The celebration extends to the present day with the introduction of the ID. Buzz, an electric reinterpretation of the iconic VW Microbus, originally sold in the U.S. in 1950. To commemorate this historic occasion, Volkswagen is launching a year-long campaign that serves as a tribute to the American people and an invitation to embrace Volkswagen’s electric future.

The campaign aims to highlight key moments and the cultural impact Volkswagen has had in the U.S. over the past 75 years. Various events are planned throughout the year to celebrate owner and customer stories, culminating in a return to Super Bowl LVIII after a hiatus from advertising in the big game.

Rachael Zaluzec, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience & Brand Marketing at Volkswagen of America, expressed the brand’s growth from a “tale of two Beetles” into an integral part of America’s cultural fabric. The focus for the next 75 years is on celebrating real people and real-life moments that have shaped Volkswagen into the beloved brand it is today.

Reflecting on its journey, Volkswagen’s history in the U.S. spans from the introduction of the Beetle in 1949 to the establishment of Volkswagen of America in 1955. The brand’s iconic “Think Small” ad in 1959 promoted the benefits of the air-cooled, easy-to-maintain Beetle, solidifying its status as “the people’s car.”

Volkswagen has evolved over the decades, introducing models such as the Rabbit, Jetta, GTI, Tiguan, and Atlas while maintaining its commitment to providing great value, fun-to-drive cars, and a unique style. The ‘60s and ‘70s saw cultural icons like the Beetle and the Bus, while the ‘80s and ‘90s brought sophistication and refinement with models like the Jetta and Passat.

The brand’s commitment to the U.S. market is evident through the construction of its first U.S. plant in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, in 1978. In recent years, Volkswagen has invested significantly in its Chattanooga assembly plant, where it began producing the all-electric ID.4 compact SUV in July 2022, signaling a shift towards localized production and sustainability.

Looking ahead, Volkswagen continues to embrace the electric future, unveiling the ID.7 and the three-row ID. Buzz in 2023. The ID. Buzz pays homage to the iconic Microbus with a retro design and advanced EV technology. Additionally, the ID.7, slated for the second half of 2024, marks Volkswagen’s entry into the premium midsize sedan segment, promising long ranges and exceptional passenger comfort.

As Volkswagen celebrates its 75th anniversary in the U.S., the brand reflects on its journey, acknowledges its impact on American culture, and looks forward to the next era of innovation and transformation in the automotive industry.


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