The Volkswagen Arteon Reaches End of Line, and That’s Too Bad

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Volkswagen’s recent announcement about discontinuing the Arteon marks the end of an era for the sleek sedan. In June 2023, CEO Thomas Schäfer unveiled plans to streamline the company’s lineup by phasing out lower-volume models, including the Arteon. While specifics about the timeline were not initially disclosed, it appears that the transition is already underway with the cessation of the fancier Passat, albeit in a somewhat ambiguous manner.

The German automaker is pivoting towards a more electrified future, with the introduction of the fully electric ID.7 liftback poised to fill the void left by the Arteon and Passat. Teasers have hinted at a forthcoming ID.7 Tourer wagon, scheduled for release in 2024, further signaling Volkswagen’s commitment to electric mobility. Notably, only the standard ID.7 has been confirmed for the North American market thus far.

This strategic shift extends beyond individual models, as Volkswagen aims to phase out internal combustion engines entirely by 2032 in Europe. With the updated Golf representing the final iteration powered by traditional ICE technology, the company is paving the way for a fully electric lineup. This ambitious transition is expected to have far-reaching implications, considering the interconnectedness of VW models with those of its subsidiaries like Skoda, SEAT, Cupra, and Audi.

The Arteon was one of our favorite Volkswagen sedans for many years, and we applauded it’s unique design and aesthetic that was fundamentally on the verge of being an Audi in our eyes. It’s too bad that such a vehicle will meet its demise here in the USA while a shooting brake (wagon) version will continue on for a bit in markets overseas.

Looking ahead, Volkswagen is embarking on a broader initiative to streamline its operations and reduce development times for new vehicles, in addition to the electrification taking hold of markets with fresh innovation.


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