GM Expands Super Cruise Network to 750,000 Hands-Free Miles, Largest in North America

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GM’s Super Cruise technology reaches a new milestone today, with the company announcing an expansion that brings its hands-free driving capabilities to an impressive 750,000 miles of compatible roads in North America. This development marks a major leap forward in the realm of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and reinforces GM’s commitment to innovation in automotive technology.

The expansion includes a diverse range of highways across the United States and Canada, from major thoroughfares to minor roads connecting smaller communities. By broadening the scope of Super Cruise, GM aims to provide drivers with even greater accessibility and convenience, whether they’re commuting between cities or exploring rural areas. This move not only enhances the driving experience but also underscores GM’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its customer base.

Map of Super Cruise enabled roads before 2024-2025 expansion to 750,000 miles.

Anantha Kancherla, GM’s vice president of ADAS, emphasizes the importance of safety in deploying Super Cruise. Through meticulous LiDAR mapping of highways, GM ensures the reliability and effectiveness of its hands-free technology, instilling confidence in both drivers and passengers. With Super Cruise, GM is not just offering a feature; it’s shaping the future of transportation by prioritizing safety and reliability.

Map of Super Cruise enabled roads after 2024-2025 expansion to 750,000 miles.

The significance of this expansion becomes apparent when considering the scale of 750,000 miles. To put it into perspective, this distance equates to traveling to the Moon and back three times or embarking on more than a hundred round trips between New York City and San Francisco. Such vast coverage establishes Super Cruise as the largest hands-free operating domain in North America, setting a new standard for ADAS technology in the automotive industry.

Furthermore, GM’s customer-centric approach ensures that Super Cruise continues to evolve and improve over time. The addition of features like Lane Change on Demand, Automatic Lane Change, and Enhanced Navigation enhances the functionality and convenience of the system, further enhancing the driving experience for users. This commitment to innovation reflects GM’s ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of automotive technology and meet the evolving needs of drivers.

The over-the-air update process ensures that Super Cruise-equipped vehicles receive the latest enhancements seamlessly, without any additional cost to the owner. This proactive approach to software updates underscores GM’s dedication to providing a superior driving experience while also ensuring that customers benefit from ongoing improvements and advancements in technology.


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