Toyota Recalling 280,000 US Vehicles Over Unexpected Movement Issue

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Toyota will issue a recall on 280,663 vehicles in the United States due to concerns related to unexpected movement. This action comes in response to findings by a U.S. auto safety regulator, highlighting potential issues when vehicles are in neutral and the brakes are not engaged.

To address this concern, Toyota will be providing a software update for the transmission control Electronic Control Unit (ECU) on the affected vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has emphasized the importance of this update in mitigating the risk associated with unexpected vehicle movement.

The recall encompasses various models, including certain Tundra trucks, Tundra hybrids, and Lexus LX600 vehicles produced between 2022 and 2024, as well as Sequoia SUVs manufactured in the previous year.

Owners of the impacted vehicles will have the software update applied by authorized dealers at no cost. This proactive measure underscores Toyota’s commitment to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its customers.


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