Rivian’s Trademarked R1X Name Hints at High-Performance Off-Roading Version

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It seems Rivian trademarked the name “R1X” years ago, hinting at a potential addition to its lineup that promises high-performance off-roading capabilities out of the traditional R1T truck. This thought follows the unveiling of the R3X model, indicating Rivian’s commitment to expanding its range of electric vehicles and adding some spice to the picture with higher performance models.

Although the trademark for the R1X was filed back in 2021, it has only recently garnered attention after being discovered by a user on the Rivian Forums website. Despite the timing of its revelation, Rivian’s track record suggests that this potential new model may indeed materialize, as the company has announced plans to introduce at least six new models in the coming years.

The introduction of the R3 model, with its X-badged trim level, implies that X-designated models will likely represent Rivian’s high-performance offerings, akin to Tesla’s Performance-branded vehicles. Envisioning the R1X as a high-performance off-roader opens up possibilities for consumers seeking an electric alternative to rugged high-performance trucks like the Ford F-150 Raptor R or the Ram TRX.

While specific details about the R1X remain scarce, speculation points to a formidable vehicle, potentially boasting 1,200 horsepower and a focus on off-road capabilities. If realized, it may feature advanced traction systems and rally-inspired design cues, catering to enthusiasts craving adventure and power.

However, the potential launch of the R1X may not be immediate, as Rivian faces challenges in scaling up production and overcoming delays in hardware configurations like the quad-motor setup with the Max Pack battery. Additionally, the company’s trademark filings for various other model names suggest a strategic approach to branding, with plans for future expansion and product diversification.

Rivian R3X

While the prospect of the R1X excites enthusiasts, its arrival may be contingent on Rivian’s ability to navigate production hurdles and prioritize the release of other models in its pipeline. Nonetheless, the trademark filing serves as an exciting glimpse into Rivian’s ambitious vision for the future of electric vehicles.


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