2025 Mercedes-Benz GLC Lineup Gets GLC350e Plug-In Hybrid Version

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Mercedes-Benz is expanding its lineup in the latter half of 2024 with the introduction of the 2025 GLC350e 4Matic plug-in hybrid version, alongside the existing GLC300 model. This new variant is set to hit the US market, offering drivers a blend of performance and efficiency.

Underneath the hood lies a combination of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine alongside a 134-horsepower electric motor, supported by a 24.8-kilowatt-hour battery. The amalgamation of these power sources results in a total system output of 313 hp and 406 pound-feet of torque. Impressively, 80% of this torque is readily available from the electric motor, ensuring responsive acceleration. Mercedes estimates a 0-60 mph time of 6.6 seconds, showcasing its agility.

The plug-in hybrid’s electric capabilities offer versatility, allowing for a pure-electric mode with a top speed limited to 87 mph, while when operating with the engine, the top speed reaches 135 mph. Moreover, it boasts an estimated electric range of up to 81 miles on a single charge, though real-world figures may vary.

Charging the battery is made convenient with the standard 60-kilowatt DC charger, capable of replenishing it in about 30 minutes. The GLC350e 4Matic will be available in three trims: Standard, Exclusive, and Pinnacle, each offering various luxury features catering to different preferences.

Inside the vehicle, occupants are treated to a high-tech experience, with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and an 11.9-inch central infotainment display. Customers have the flexibility to customize their GLC with a wide range of exterior colors, upholstery options, and wheel designs.

Mercedes aims to round off its GLC range with the GLC350e 4Matic, promising a comprehensive lineup to cater to diverse customer needs. Pricing details are yet to be announced but are expected to exceed the starting price of the GLC300 model, which currently stands at $50,250 including destination charges. With its blend of performance, efficiency, and luxury features, the 2025 GLC350e 4Matic plug-in hybrid looks set to make a notable impression in the market.


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