Ford Celebrates 60 Years of The Mustang Introducing 60th Anniversary Package

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Ford is commemorating 60 years of Mustang legacy with a special tribute: the 60th Anniversary package. Launched on April 17, 1964, at the New York World’s Fair, the Mustang has since become an emblem of American automotive culture. This exclusive package, available solely for the Mustang GT premium Coupe and Convertible models, pays homage to the original pony car in both exterior and interior design elements. Limited to just 1,965 units, a nod to the inaugural year, this package will be in high demand when order books open in the summer.

The 60th Anniversary package adds a distinct flair to the Mustang GT, distinguishing it from its standard counterpart. Three classic color options—Wimbledon White, Race Red, and Vapor Blue—are paired with 20-inch wheels featuring a Dark Gravity Gray finish. These five-spoke alloys boast Vermillion Red accents and aluminum center caps reminiscent of the ’65 Mustang, blending retro aesthetics with modern touches.

Embracing the Mustang’s heritage, Ford has incorporated several nostalgic features into the 60th Anniversary edition. A mesh-style grille and silver-painted air intake nostrils evoke the spirit of the original Mustang, while Mustang Nite Pony headlights provide a smoky allure to the front fascia. Race Red and Vapor Blue variants sport Iconic Silver side mirror caps, reminiscent of classic chrome mirrors, while Wimbledon White models feature body-colored mirror caps.

Modern interpretations of classic ‘cloisonné’ badging adorn the fenders and trunk lid, offering a subtle nod to the Mustang’s roots. Customers can further customize their ride with optional side graphics inspired by the original rocker panel stripes, available in Iconic Silver or Vermillion Red. Inside, the dashboard proudly displays a serialized ’60th Anniversary’ badge, underscoring the exclusivity of this special edition.

Ford enthusiasts eager to own a piece of Mustang history should act swiftly, as only a limited number of 60th Anniversary models will be produced. While pricing details have yet to be disclosed, Ford will begin accepting orders in the summer, with deliveries expected in Q4 2024. Beyond this celebratory edition, Mustang aficionados can anticipate the unveiling of the first Shelby-fettled S650 later this week, promising exhilarating performance from its supercharged V8 engine.


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