Chevrolet Malibu to Soon Reach the End of the Line in November 2024

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General Motors will soon bid farewell to the Chevrolet Malibu, marking the end of an era for the popular midsize sedan. The decision, which will come to a head in November 2024, comes after years of speculation and uncertainty surrounding GM’s departure from the four-door vehicle segment. Following the discontinuation of the Cruze in 2019 and the Impala in 2020, even smaller models like the Sonic and Spark met similar fates, highlighting GM’s shift away from traditional sedan offerings.

Despite the industry’s evolving landscape, the Malibu defied expectations by remaining in production for as long as GM had originally projected. Its enduring popularity, particularly evident in 2023 sales figures where it ranked among Chevy’s top sellers, contributed to its longevity. While a significant portion of Malibu sales likely went to fleet customers, the sedan’s annual volume of 130,000 units underscored its relevance in the market.

The Chevrolet Malibu boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1964, with a brief hiatus from 1984 to 1996. During its absence, models like the Chevy Celebrity and Lumina filled the gap, with the latter coexisting with the revived Malibu for a period before its discontinuation in 2001.

With the departure of the Malibu, GM will make room for a new vehicle, signaling a shift towards smaller offerings. The Fairfax Assembly facility in Kansas will undergo retooling to accommodate the production of the replacement Chevrolet Bolt. Additionally, production of the Cadillac XT4 will be temporarily paused during the upgrade process but will resume alongside the Bolt once the transformation is complete, according to a GM spokesperson.

Source: Detroit News (subscription required)


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