Ford CEO: Four-Door Mustang is a Possibility

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Ford’s CEO Jim Farley has hinted at the possibility of introducing a four-door Mustang sedan, adding to the already diverse Mustang lineup which includes the iconic coupe and an electric crossover. Farley emphasized that while Ford is eager to explore new Mustang variants, the core attributes of performance and attitude will always remain. He firmly stated that the Mustang coupe will not go electric and will retain its V8 engine for as long as possible.

In an interview with Autocar, Farley mentioned that expanding the Mustang lineup could draw inspiration from Porsche’s strategy with the 911, offering a wide range of models from basic to high-end versions. This approach might lead to the Mustang evolving into a sub-brand, featuring a variety of models such as sporty coupes, supercars, a sports sedan, and an electric crossover. Farley suggested that a well-executed Mustang sedan could appeal to enthusiasts who need a practical yet sporty vehicle.

Despite the potential for new Mustang variants, Farley made it clear that some ideas, like combining the Mustang with off-road capabilities, might not align with the brand’s image. Nevertheless, Ford is committed to surprising its customers with innovative derivatives, such as a lightweight, stripped-down version aimed at enhancing performance and reducing costs. Recent examples of this adventurous spirit include the GTD and the Mustang Mach-E Rally.

Farley reiterated that the Mustang coupe and convertible would not adopt an all-electric drivetrain. He is dedicated to preserving the combustion engine and manual transmission in these models for as long as possible, contrasting with General Motors’ approach to the Camaro, which may return as an all-electric sedan. While Ford acknowledges the future potential of hybrids and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) to improve performance and reduce emissions, the traditional V8 engine will remain central to the Mustang’s identity.

Farley believes that partial electrification could be beneficial for performance drivers and that hybrid setups could help sustain the use of V8 engines. This strategy aligns with Ford’s broader electric vehicle initiatives, providing enough emissions offsets to keep the combustion-engine Mustang viable. While he appreciates the advancements in pure-electric powertrains, Farley maintains that they are not suitable for the Mustang, though they are successful in other Ford models like the Transit.


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